Icaridin; Picaridin

Icaridin sample

Product: Icaridin; Picaridin; Sec-Butyl 2-(2-hydroxyethyl)piperidine-1-carboxylate
CAS No.:  119515-38-7
ELINCS number:   423-210-8
Molecular Formula:  C12H23NO3
Constitutional Formula:
Relative Molecular Mass: 229.3g/Mol

Form:  liquid ,clear

Solidifying point:  < -170℃

Viscosity: 30.7 sec. flow time according to DIN53211

Initial boiling point: 296℃ at 1013Hpa

Vapour pressure: 3.4ⅹ10exp-4Hpa at 20℃

5.9ⅹ10exp-4Hpa at 25℃

7.1ⅹ10exp-3Hpa at 50℃

Irritation:               non-irritant

Color:            Colorless-brownish

Odor:            Nearly odourless

Density:                 1.07g/cm3 at 20℃

Solubility :          In Water 8.6g/L at 20℃

In Acetone 7250g/L at 20℃

Storage Conditions: Store at room temperature.

Picaridin was tested against mosquitoes, flies and ticks in both field studies and in laboratory cage tests. Against certain strains of mosquitoes, Picaridin provides equal or longer protection than identical concentrations of DEET. Efficacy against ticks has been demonstrated in laboratory cage tests.
Picaridin has been successfully tested with dermatologist. It will not cause irritations on your skin and is nearly odorless. The affect of Picaridin on various materials was also tested and results showed that Picaridin has no adverse affect on plastics, synthetics, plastic coatings and sealants.
Packing:25kg/drum; 50kg/drum or as per customer’s request